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FinTech and Banks: Just a fling or something more?

Many skeptics predict that the intermingling of banks and the fintech sector is just a fad, and won’t last for a long time. How true is this assessment?

Open Finance Vs. Open Banking

Introduction When it comes to the banking sector, digitization is taking over rapidly. One significant development was made in this regard in early 2018 through the concept of ‘Open Banking’ which essentially enabled mainstream financial institutions, non-bank financial institutions, and other third-party service providers to get access to sensitive customer data through details of their […]

Future of Cryptocurrency in SME payments

Cryptocurrencies are growing, and 40% of SMEs in the US now accept crypto payments. What does the future of cryptocurrency in SME payments look like?

Digital Banking is NOT Digitized Banking: Breaking the myths

Digital banking and digitized banking are often used interchangeably. However, there is a key difference that separates them, and both have their advantages.

A Responsible Way of Business Banking

If you’re looking to manage your business finances better and would like to use the help of business banks in doing so, here are some tips to bear in mind.

Traditional Banks and Small Businesses: What went wrong?

It has become increasingly difficult for small businesses to rely on traditional banks for credit, as the banks have shied away from disbursing loans to small businesses.

Essential Guide To Understanding How Bank Transactions Work

As digital and cashless payment modes become indispensable, it is imperative to understand how they operate. Here’s a guide to understanding how transactions work!

The Dark World of Online Frauds And How To Be Safe

With the rise in online transactions, there’s been an equal spike in online frauds. Learn what’s happening and how you can arm yourself to protect against online frauds.

Analyzing The Importance of Customer Experience in Banking

The importance of customer experience in banking is immense and can lead to great outcomes for both conventional banks, its customers and the economy at large.

Honey, let’s talk money? Financial Talk In Your Relationship

Matters relating to finances can be a tricky terrain to navigate in. Throw in a relationship and emotions and it becomes more challenging. How can we talk money with our partners?