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Set Up Business Goals for the New Financial Year – Business 101

As you start the new financial year gracefully, especially after the crucial period of lockdown due to the covid pandemic, here are few business goals for 2021

Impact of COVID-19 on International Trade in India

COVID-19 has definitely wreaked havoc and has caused international trade to slow down substantially. But just how much was the impact? Let’s find out in Salt’s blog.

The Bumble’s Queen Bee-Whitney Wolfe Herd!

Here’s the story of Whitney Wolfe Herd, the world’s youngest female billionaire and the key to the success of one of the most popular dating apps Bumble.

Being a Female in the Finance World

First, you need to have a dream; second an idea of what your goal is, and third, passion.

MISSING: Where Are All The Women Investors?

Investment seems to be men’s cup of tea even in changing times. Women, since forever, are counted upon to save. Here’s to the women investors crushing it.

How To Expand Your Business Internationally

Global business expansion is not only prudent but inevitable. Expanding your business internationally boosts your scalability and talent pool. Here’s how to do it.

How To Score a Gig in Foreign Markets: International Freelance 101

Delving into the international freelance market can be an exciting and enriching experience. Here’s how you can score a freelancing gig in foreign markets!

Introduction To Alternate Investing

An alternate investment is a financial asset that does not belong to regular investment. It can outperform traditional investments and yield high returns.

A Guide to Corporate Taxes That Businesses Pay in India

Body corporates in India are subjected to different rates based on certain criteria. Is your business paying the right amount of corporate taxes? Find out now

What It Is Like Doing International Businesses In India

India has become an important central hub for international businesses. Here we look at why India is at the forefront and some of the challenges faced by international businesses.