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A Noob’s Guide To the Cryptocurrency Market in India

Read to grasp the basics to understanding Cryptocurrency, its origins, its workings, and the status of the crypto market in India in one informative post.

Neo Banking: Reality Behind the hype

If you’re seeking a more modern and tech-enabled banking experience, you may want to explore neo banking for your money management. With the growing need to expand financial services, serve the underbanked and bring down banking costs, neo banks have emerged as the most exciting fintech trend in recent times.

Top 11 Fintech Trends That Are Changing Banking

Fintechs, or “Financial Technology” companies have redefined banking through their rapid innovations in digital services. In fact, according to PwC’s 2019 Consumer Digital Banking Survey, 46% of consumers exclusively use online channels for banking. That’s no surprise, though, since fintech services include digital options for checking account balance, updating account information, making payments and even applying […]